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How to find cheap flights and go on holiday more often?

How to find cheap flights and go on holiday more often?


A lot of people who think traveling is expensive.

I can be.

But it doesn’t have to be.

Find a cheap flight and you’ve already cut down the cost drastically.

I used to save up for a whole year for that one big trip in summer. That would be my one holiday, and I would wait and save for an entire year before I went away again.

That year would feel painfully long especially during the cold raining nights in Ireland.

But here’s what I have learned.

Find a cheap flight and you’ve already cut down the holiday cost drastically.

Which means instead of 1 holiday a year you could have multiple getaways during the year

Pop over to Stockholm, Sweden for a weekend. Wander the streets, view the awesome architecture, grab lunch and people watch at one of the many amazing coffee shop or and go clubbing. (£50 return flight)

Spend a week in Morroco. Get a private 3 day tour to the Sahara desert where you will ride a camel and stay the night under the stars. (£80 return flight)

All for super cheap.

It’s totally possible.

Find a cheap flight and you’re half way to having a nice break away.

My one way flight to Bangkok cost £164.

Over the years I’ve come across a few tips on finding the cheap flights

Here’s the tricks I use to find the best flight deals.



I found the cheapest flights to Bangkok flew from Scandinavia. I paid £166.30 for my one way ticket It had gone up from £140 2 weeks earlier.

Views from the Atlas mountains in Morroco

Views from the Atlas mountains in Morroco


1. Be flexible with your time


If you don’t go in peak times flights are automatically cheaper. Don’t just go in summer or winter months or when schools are off if you can. Not only will it be cheaper but you will get a better experience as the country will less touristy.


2. Book in advance – just not too far


If you are going on a long haul journey the best time to book a flight is around 3-4

Driving up over the Atlas mountains on route to the desert

Driving up over the Atlas mountains on route to the desert

months prior.

Going to somewhere in pretty close around Europe? The best time to book is around 1-2 months beforehand.

Skyscanner did a breakdown of when the best time to book a flight for it’s top 50 destinations


3. Be flexible with your destination


Riding a camel through the Sahara

Riding a camel through the Sahara

Go on to skyscanner.

Set your departure airport.

Select arrive anywhere.

I love doing this.

Not only do you get to see where the cheapest place to fly to is.

You get to see places which you might not even think about going to!

Be flexible with your departure airport

How did I get a flight to Bangkok for £164?

I flew from Stockholm, Sweden.

It cost me £60 to get to Sweden.

But just by flying from there instead of London my flight was half the price.

Here’s a pro tip
Flying with norwegian air? Use code UNDER26 for discounts if you are under 26 years old.


4. Be ready to book once you click!


I learnt this the hard way

If you click on a flight from a comparison site the price will be held at that price for a limited time.

I was bouncing about checking different flight comparison sites and because I kept clicking the prices kept going up

A £80 return flight from London to Madrid ended up going up to £113 which is around 40% increase

So make sure you snap up a deal once you’ve found one.

So what tools to use?

There’s quite a few flight comparison tools such as expedia, momondo, kayakskyscanner or even Google Flight Checker

I personally always use skyscanner as I find it usually gets me the best results or if I don’t have time to check all the other sites.

But it is always useful to browse have a browse of them all.

If you use this few tips you will find yourself saving a load of money off flights which means holidays will be cheaper and you will be able to go on more adventures more often!