Welcome – About this blog

Welcome – About this blog

Welcome guys!


This is my blog start designing life.

My name is Matt and I am a designer currently living in Ireland.

I’ve been studying and working in design for the past 6 years and I have decided to start designing my own perfect lifestyle.

My 3 main goals in life right now are

  1. Be healthier – mind and body
  2. Have more free time to do things I love – escape the 9-5
  3. Travel the world while working on things I’m passionate about

That is what my perfect lifestyle looks like.

If you are interested in diet, fitness, health, travel, making money online, digital nomadism then feel free to follow this blog.

I will be posting up everything I have found to help me find my perfect lifestyle.

My aim is that you will find really useful information here and be able to start designing your own perfect lifestyle as well.

Feel free to follow my journey by subscribing  and commenting.