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David Vu’s Ebay Dropshipping Course Review


David Vu’s Ebay Dropshipping Course Review


This is my honest review of David Vu’s eBay Drop Shipping with No Inventory Guide – Work From Home course.

I can confirm that I;

  • Purchased and completed the course myself
  • Will give an honest opinion of the course
  • Personally use these methods to earn online income

There’s a link and discount code at the bottom of this review in order to get this course for $33.


What is the course?


The Ebay Dropshipping course teaches you how to make money from listing products on eBay that are sourced from a different website. This is probably the simplest version of the dropshipping method that I have come across.

Here is the basic principle of the course.

  1. You find something on an online retailer i.e Amazon, John Lewis, Home Base etc. For this example let’s say it the item costs £10
  2. You list that item on eBay with a profit margin attached. So you would sell the item for £14.
  3. If someone purchases that item on eBay you then purchase it on the retailers website.
  4. You enter the customers details from eBay on to the retailers website and they ship the product to them.
  5. After eBay fees and PayPal fees you take the profit. Which would be around £2.

It really is that simple. You do not have to buy and store the item and you don’t even have to ship the item yourself. Obviously £2 is not enough to quit your job and travel the world but the more you list the more you sell.

Here’s what the course on Udemy states;

There is a reason why this course is LITERALLY the following:

#1 TOP PAID Business Course across the board!

#1 EBAY course on the internet!

#1 MOST POPULAR Business Course across the board!

#1 HIGHEST RATINGS and HIGHEST # of REVIEWS in the business category!

My most favorite stat, the #1 HIGHEST ENGAGEMENT COURSE! (Thank you to all the students inside the course, it is a REAL community)

Happy students = Happy reviews. The most comprehensive course with nearly 7 hours of lectures, nothing is left out in this course!

More importantly, there is a reason why you landed here today to read this. We both understand how precious time is, and I assure you I am not here to waste your time or have you waste mine. Read on.


What you will learn:

1. How to setup an ebay store and optimize the correct settings

2. The core concepts of Drop Shipping

3. The core concepts of creating a “Lifestyle Business”

4. A view of my store, products I sell, ebay back office.

5. Why and where I source products from

6. How to scale up your business to work 15 mins a day or less

7. Start to finish guide on how to do every aspect of the business

…and much more!

What you will need:

1. A computer or laptop

2. Open minded

3. 5-10 hours per week to start, you must master the skills before you can teach someone else to do it. Then it can be 15 minutes a day of maintenance.


Who created the course?


Serial entrepreneur David Vu created this eBay course. He has a lot of different successful business ventures some of which he creates course in which he teaches you how to replicate what he has done.


Who’s it for?


This course is for another who wants to create an online income to either supplement their current income or replace it entirely (although that a decent amount of time and effort)


Can you make money off this course?


Yes, you can definitely make money from what this course teaches. It’s not a get rich quick method and it definitely will take the and effort in order to see decent profit. I personally wanted to complete the course and receive profit before I made this review.

This is my actual eBay dashboard you can see my net sales numbers

This is my eBay dashboard. You can see my net sales numbers along with the amount of sales I have on the left


How long does it take to see profit?


It took me 4 days to make my first sale. I made £2.96 after ebay and Paypal fees. But because I am a new seller on Paypal I didn’t recieve my payment until 11 days. This is because Paypal holds the money on new accounts to basically ensure you aren’t scamming people.


How long does it take to pay back for the course?


When I bought the course I only paid £24 as Udemy was trying out a new pricing model and I got a discount as it was the first course I purchased.

It took me exactly 23 days to see make my money back from what I paid for with the course. I finished the whole course in one day and only listed 5 products within that time. But I was really lucky and sold an item which had a profit margin of £41.19 which was definitely lucky as I haven’t seen that much profit on one sale again.


How well is the content of the course delivered?


All the content is done over video which is great as you can literally micic what he is doing on the screen. David really starts with the basics and even shows you how to set up an eBay account as well as how to set up a PayPal account.

The course structure is really simple to follow and goes from the very basics all the way to pro tips and tricks

The course structure is really simple to follow and goes from the very basics all the way to pro tips and tricks


How much money can you make off this course?


As with all things it depends on how much time and dedication you put in. Again I will stress this is not a get rich scheme. You will not make £2,000 in your first month. But can you can definitely make that much of more eventually but it will take you months and time a lot of time to get there. If you don’t want to or can’t commit that much time to this method this could definitely be a nice side income where you could earn a few hundred each month.


What support is provided?


The QA’s that are part of Udemy are invaluable. It’s a fantastic community of like minded people who have taken the course and who are all helping each other out in order to grow together. I’ve posted up a question and have it answered within a day.

The Q&A’s are just as valuable as the actual course. I check daily for tips and tricks from other course members


How difficult is the course?


I really think this is one of the easiest ways to make some semi-passive income. David really takes you through the basics and keeps the process as simple as possible. Once you grasp the concept it really isn’t hard to do, it just takes time. But I do think if you are bit more tech savvy you will be able to be make the process quicker.


Can this be done remotely and create a full time Digital Nomad income?


If laptop and a decent internet connection this can be done no matter where you are in the world. This could become your full time income as a Digital Nomad but it will definitely take time and effort to get there. I would recommend to start this 3-6 months before you quit your job. By that time you should be making a decent about to live on. As you travel.


What are the down sides?


The main down sides that I have found is the time it takes to list items on eBay. In the course David does suggest get a Virtual Assistant to do this work for you which would save a lot of time and effort as it is pretty tedious. I have found that there is online software which will help you list up items and monitor the prices but this does cost about £75/$99 a month but it is definitely worth it if you are making enough to cover the cost.

I’m personally using Pricematik which makes listing and monitoring prices so much easier. It really has saved me a lot of time and effort. Hopefully it makes the business grow faster as well.


How much does it cost to start?


Obviously the price of the course. But you will also need some money to purchase items from that you have listed as PayPal will not release the money until a few days after the customer has received the item.

But once PayPal recognises that you are a responsible seller they will lift these restrictions and you will be able to use the money that the customer sends to you purchase directly to the retailer. But initially you will have to use your own money then get the money back when PayPal allows you to take the money out.

Here are the PayPal requirements if anyone is interested.


Final thoughts


David Vu’s Ebay Dropshipping is a straight forward easy to understand course. If you have never made any money online before this is probably the best and easy way to start earning money online that I have found.

The course content gives you more than enough to get start and the Q&As are perfect for finding extra information that might not be covered in the course.

I don’t think this course will make you a millionaire but it definitely isn’t hard to make a £100-£500 a month. If you are really dedicated you can make thousands a month and there are people in the course who are doing this.

For the price of the course it really is a no brainer.

I am going to continue building up this business to see if I can make £500 a month. Then I will employ some virtual assistants to manage the store while I work on creating other streams of passive income.

I will let you guys know when I reach that goal. Which I suspect will be in a few months from now.

If you are interested in the course you can check out the first few videos for free where David explains what the course is all about.

Udemy are going back to their old pricing model so this course will go up in price according to an email David sent out too all the students of the course. But the good thing is that he gave a discount code that will work until Sunday, September 4th.

Use the link below and enter the code 33PROMO to get the course for just $33.

David Vu’s eBay Drop Shipping with No Inventory Guide – Work From Home

If you have any questions feel free to message me or leave a comment and I will get back to you as soon as I can.